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Pages can be viewed individually through Acrobat Reader.

The Senior Edition will be available for viewing as soon as it is finished.


Cover Sheet Four page cover sheet
PAGE 1: 2001: A School Odyssey
PAGE 2: This Magic Moment: Prom pictures
PAGE 3: Words to live by and advice from the pros: Teacher advice
PAGE 4: The Fore & Aft staff say goodbye
Front page Page 1
Seniors drown their stress at the water slides(photos by Suzanne Nicastro)
News pages Pages 2-4
PAGE 2: In the News box, Powder Puff football (photo by Brennan Nye), Prom pictures (photos by Suzanne 
Nicastro), Yearbook Dance, ASB goes head to head with students over graduation.
PAGE 3: ????
PAGE 4: ???
Opinion pages Pages 5-7
PAGE 5: Index, Staff Editorial: Gratuity...why pay for bad service?(cartoon by Chris McIntyre), Maximum 
Voltage: Words of wisdom for class reunions, staff box
PAGE 6: Cruisin' Conq, Vice Versa: High School...the good, the bad, and the ugly (cartoons by Chris McIntyre)
PAGE 7: The Disgruntled Eggplant: Parting is sweet sorrow...leaving HS is just sweet, Letters to the Editor
Features pages
Pages 8-9
Page 28
PAGE 8: Retiring teachers: Ms. Mary Ann Weyandt (photo by Brennan Nye), Mr. Rick Schmidt (Photos by 
Brennan Nye), Mr. Ed Knowles (photo provided by Ed Knowles)
PAGE 9: Teachers leaving Cabrillo: Mr. Greg Hyatt (photo provided by Greg Hyatt), Julianna Zellers and
Karen Rotundi (photo by Brennan Nye), Class of 2002 waits in the wings

PAGE 28: Fashion Fanatic: Shane Fabie hits the runway, New swimwear, summer fashions
Senior Wills
Pages 10-15
Pages 23-27
PAGES 10-15: senior wills, baby ad, prom and post prom pictures
PAGES 23-27: MORE senior wills, baby ads, ditch day pictures
Senior Profiles
Pages 16-17
Pages 20-22
PAGE 16: Lara Schmeiser, Carli Dias, Kim Zimmerman
PAGE 17: Brad Beck, Chris Ladwig
PAGE 20: Michelle Grafton, Jarrett Morris
PAGE 21: Matt Monkemeier, Richard Homer
PAGE 22: Andrew Reeves, Irene Flores
Middle Spread Pages 18-19
The Class of 2001 at your fingertips: Where the Class of 2001 is going after Cabrillo
Entertainment pages
Pages 29-31
PAGE 29: Merchant of Venice review (photos by Greg Hyatt)
PAGE 30: Reviews: Zone of the Enders(PS2), Scorpion (CD), Bridget Jones's Diary (movie)
PAGE 31: CHS Auxiliary team dances at Disney, The Mummy Returnes (review)
Sports pages
Pages 32-33
Pages 34-35
Page 36
PAGE 32: Senior athletes (photos by Nick Ostini)
PAGE 33: Senior athletes (photos by Nick Ostini)
PAGE 34: Congratulations 2000-2001 cheerleaders, Girls softball advances in CIF (photos by Daniel Vordale
PAGE 35: CHS up and coming athletes (photos by Daniel Vordale)
PAGE 36: Boys Baseball in CIF, LFL sports feature (courtesy of Sami Hasan)

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