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Front page Page 1
CHS Blood drive (photo by ???)Marquee controversy, LEAP students improves in leaps in bounds, 
Senior projects continue
News pages Pages 2-3
PAGE 2: Sat-9 scores, CHS considers block scheduling (Photo by Brennan Nye), Club Corner
PAGE 3: CHS Aquarium update (Photo by Lena Gilmore), Marquee update (Photo by Brennan Nye), In The News
Opinion pages Pages 4-7
PAGE 4: Opinion Index, Lights out in the Golden State (cartoon by Chris McIntyre), 
senior slump (cartoon by Irene Flores), Internet ushers in Generation Couch
PAGE 5: Cruisin' Conq, Maximum Voltage:building a senior survival kit, 
The Disgruntled Eggplant:Where's the M in Mtv? (cartoon by Irene Flores)
PAGE 6: Vice-Versa: Gossip(cartoon by Irene Flores), the stress of senior year
PAGE 7: Letters to the Editor, All fat and a bag of chips (cartoon by Chris McIntyre), 
Features pages
Pages 8-10
Pages 18-19
PAGE 8: Learning disabilities affecting school performance (ADD, dyslexia, lupus, Tourette's syndrome)
PAGE 9: New addition to the Math department, Mr. Graves returns to CHS, 
student mural:It's All About the Anime (Photo by ???)
PAGE 10: The 10 commandments of friendship (Cartoon by Chris McIntyre), 
Best friends are priceless (Photos by Brennan Nye), best friend match

PAGE 18: CHS rumor mill, I Heard it Through the Grapevine (cartoon by Chris McIntyre), Trettin memorial run
PAGE 19: "Cool Colleges" are looking for seniors, Free Money: scholarships for seniors
Picture pages
Page 11
Page 17
PAGE 11: Teaching laughter 101 (Photos by Brennan Nye)
PAGE 17: Workin' in Lompoc's Coalmine (Photos by ???)
Middle Spread Pages 12-13
STRIVING TO SURVIVE (Photo by Brennan Nye)
Lompoc woman's story of survival gives hope, the silent minority, domestic violence (myths and facts)
Four page Insert Insert
PAGE 1: Deadlock(destroying the notion that women are inferior)
PAGE 2 & 3: A Life Sentence: Sexual trafficking runs rampant, A fine line between honor and abuse
PAGE 4: Women and the World: Changing from past to present, CHS Leadership roles for women
Entertainment pages
Page 14
Page 15-16
PAGE 14: Fashion Fanatic: Tips for chicks & Eyes on the guys, Whose Do? (photos by Andria Pendleton)
PAGE 15: Reviews: Miss Congeniality, The Color Purple, Final Fantasy 9, SSX (Snowboard Supercross)
PAGE 16: Finian's Rainbow review (Photo by Greg Hyatt), CHS senior spotlight: The Little Genius That Could
Sports pages
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 20
PAGE 20: In The Game, Boys Soccer produces victories, Girls Soccer loses to Buenaventura (photo by Brennan Nye)
PAGE 21: Winter sports round-up, Girls Basketball heads to CIF, Boys Basketball has rough season (Photos by Danielle Ronholt)
PAGE 22: Up Close, Coaching is more than just a job, Sports Flashback
PAGE 23: JV Corner, Keeping their heads above water :Girls Water Polo (Photo by Corinne Satterfield), CIF Wrestling
PAGE 24: CHS Surfers, Award winning horse rider (photo courtesy of Rollins Photography),
grinding down the competition (Photos by Brennan Nye)
* Due to a saving error, pages 21 - 23 are not available for viewing.

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